Elf Moto 4 Tech 10W50
Elf Moto 4 Tech 10W50

Elf Moto 4 Tech 10W50 is a premium full synthetic lubricant that is recommended for all types of 4-stroke engine motorcycles, operating in severe environments of urban traffic and long-distance runs.  Meets the API SL and JASO MA2 international standards.

Elf Moto 4 Tech 10W50 is designed for use in :

  • Recommended for driving through high speed motorway, urban traffic as well as off road use.
  • The most arduous conditions and driving styles - especially designed to operate efficiently under extreme conditions.
  • All 4 stroke motorcycles requiring a 10W50 engine oil.
  • All wet clutches and shared housings on 4 stroke motorcycles requiring a 10W50 lubricant.


Elf Moto 4 Tech 10W50 offers the following benefits:

  • Elf Moto 4 Tech 10W50 is a new high-technology new-generation lubricant which guarantees extremely high performance over a long time and improves engine power. It keeps all engine components optimally clean and ensures that gear changes are smooth and responsive.
  • Elf Moto 4 Tech 10W50 is an active synthetic technology oil which keeps your engine cleaner. This multigrade oil has successfully undergone severe testing in competition. Its viscosity is adapted to handle temperature variations in the engine's metal components ranging from -25°C (cold start-ups) to 330°C (in the top rings).
  • Good thermal stability.
  • High lubrication and power levels maintained.
  • The HTHS viscosity (high temperature, high shear) of Elf Moto 4 Tech 10W50's formula prevent deposit formation, maintain hydrodynamic lubrication and preserve the original power of your engine.
  • Smoother gear changes: Specific additives create a protective layer which makes for smoother gear changes, reduces mechanical and transmission noise and protects metal parts in contact. Prolongs gear box life. Special formulation providing extra grip when changing gear. Power transmission approved.

* This product superceeds Moto 4 XT Tech 10W50

Product Specifications: