Elf Moto 2 Tech
Elf Moto 2 Tech

Elf Moto 2 Tech is a premium high quality full synthetic 2 stroke engine oil.  Particularly recommended for all types of high-performance 2-stroke bikes and scooters, in compliance with API TC, JASO FD and ISO L-EGD international standards.

Elf Moto 2 Tech is designed for use in :

  • The most severe urban traffic conditions and for all-terrain endurance. It provides very good engine protection and supports extreme operating conditions.
  • Perfectly compatible with lead-free fuels. This high quality lubricant is an elixir of power for your motorcycle; it has been designed to be extremely easy to use: pre-diluted and blue in colour for separate lubrication and mixture. The oil content needs to be dosed according to the manufacturers' recommendations.
  • Applications that require a 2-stroke motor oil made using a full synthetic base.


Elf Moto 2 Tech offers the following benefits:

  •  A high-tech 100% synthetic lubricant which provides safety and performance for top-of-the-range engines, even in extreme operating conditions. ESTER based formula. This product has successfully undergone severe testing in competition.  Preserves your engine's power and original performance.
  • The selected fluid viscosity and solvents facilitate miscibility between the lubricant and the fuel, even in applications with separated fuel / lubricant tanks.
  • Clean combustion: the mixture's clean combustion guarantees the thermal breakdown of the additives and base oils and prevents clogging thanks to the additives and balanced base oils it contains.
  • Protection, power, endurance: The additives - which have been extremely carefully selected - prevent deterioration due to moving part wear. Guarantees long engine life and reduces maintenance costs (servicing and repair).
  • For many years Elf has led the field in terms of expertise and innovation in tribology on the international circuits, its know-how guaranteeing the superior quality of Elf Moto 2 Tech. The formula is in compliance with international specifications.
  • Extreme lubrication and power: the additives used provide constant and homogenous hydrodynamic lubrication. This revolutionary oil boosts engine power in all operating conditions, even extreme ones.
  • Elf Moto 2 Tech’s lubricating ability index largely exceeds the requirements of the most stringent international specifications.

* This product superceeds Moto 2 XT Tech