Elf Moto 2 Race
Elf Moto 2 Race

Elf Moto 2 Race is a 100% ester synthetic 2 stroke engine oil recommended for all types of 2-stroke sports bikes.  The performance of Elf Moto 2 Race is appropriate for demanding use in amateur motorcycle competitions, while at the same time meeting the requirements for daily use.

Elf Moto 2 Race is designed for use in :

  • Very arduous conditions and competition.
  • Sports Bikes.
  • Applications that require the very best oil available for the maximum protection and performance.
  • Applications that require a 2-stroke motor oil made using the highest quality Ester synthetic base.


Elf Moto 2 Race offers the following benefits:

  • High detergency, engine protection - Elf Moto 2 Race's detergency additives use their hot properties to work on deposits and ensure that the distribution system is kept clean. Your engine is therefore protected even under the harshest of driving conditions.
  • Clean combustion: Metal particles, produced by the deterioration of the additives and fuel are the cause of deposits - Elf Moto 2 Race burns without deposits being formed (clean combustion).
  • Controlled wear - Clogging of the piston top grooves limits piston ring flexibility (sticking) and results in insufficient oil supply. Friction of the piston rings against the liner tears off metal particles, causes piston scuffing until it seizes - Elf Moto 2 Race ensures that your engine is kept optimally lubricated in order to prevent this phenomenon of premature wear.  
  • Its viscosity increases the resistance of the oil film to extreme variations in temperature.
  • This product has successfully undergone severe testing in competition.

This lubricant is not pre-diluted. The oil content must be adjusted and mixed with the fuel chosen to obtain the optimum engine combustion setting in accordance with constructors' recommendations.

* This product superceeds Moto Sport 2 Competition