Capit Suprema Vision
Capit Suprema Vision
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Capit Suprema Vision Tyrewarmers are a premium adjustable warmer with a digital readout of temperature. These warmers are an excellent choice for the club or national level racer, looking to get the most out of their tyrewarmers by being able to adjust the temperature for the use of wets or other varying conditions


  • 8mm thick LCD screen built into the tyrewarmer which allows the user to set the desired temp (from 40 to over 100 degrees Celsius), and also logs the time in use. The LCD screen is also replaceable.
  • Pleated sides means the warmer covers more of the wheel while still fitting the shape of the tyre. This creates more efficient heating of the tyre's edge and sidewall, and helps the rim to hold some extra heat, to help keep the tyres warmer for longer once off the warmers.
  • Hand made in Italy and carries the Capit 3 year Warranty
  • Elastic style fitting make them very easy to put on and take off quickly