Capit Suit Dryer
Capit Suit Dryer
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The Capit Suit Dryer is designed to dry Racing Leathers, but can be used on other itmes of clothing.

With the use of this Suit Dryer you can either dry out a set of leathers after a wet race or after a hot and sweaty race, ready for the next race of the day. The Suit Dryer is also good for drying and airing leathers after a race day to prevent them smelling after not being dried out properly. This should just be part of looking after your leathers and stopping them from smelling and rotting.

With hot or cold settings the Suit Dryer can dry a suit quickly (not possible just with a cold fan)

As used by many MotoGP teams, the Suit Dryer has been well tested to ensure it does its' job to a very high standard!