Capit Car Tyrewarmers
Capit Car Tyrewarmers
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Capit Car Tyrewarmers are hand made Italian tyrewarmers, used by some Formula1 teams.

Price is per pair (Front pair or Rear pair)

Sizes are:

XS: Width 180-240mm, Circumfrence 1670-1800mm

Small: Width 210-300mm, Circumfrence 1800-1980mm

Medium: Width 200-240mm, Circumfrence 1920-2080mm

Large: Width 265-305mm, Circumfrence 1990-2100mm

XL: Width 250-350mm, Circumfrence 2000-2250mm

XXL: Width 300-440mm, Circumfrence 2100-2250mm

Please Note that the price does not include the sidecovers however these can be purchased seperately